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Paperless Billing

1.     You will receive an email on your normal billing date, stating that the utility bill is posted and you will follow a link to our web portal.

2.     At the portal, you must enter your account number and the name that appears on the bill (both of those have to be entered exactly or it will not work)

3.     Click on View Bill and then click on Download Bill.  You can then print or view your bill.  You can click on the red link if you want to pay by check.  Or, you may mail your bill with payment or use your own online banking.  Our office and drive-through window are open to accept payments as well. We also take check-by-phone.

4.     If you would like to participate in paperless billing, please call 330-649-8100 to sign up. 

5.     With or without paperless billing, you can bookmark this link and view/print your most current bill as well as past bills, at any time.


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